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RM - 2036



Product Details

Two-component Pad Printing Inks

Tampapur TPU
- High gloss
- Very high chemical and mechanical resistance

Tampapur TPU is particularly suited for materials difficult to print onto such as pre-treated polyethylene, thermosetting plastics, metals, and varnished surfaces, as well as poly-urethane, polyamide, melamine resins, powder-coated surfaces, and similar substrates. Under certain conditions, it can also be used for Polyacetal.

Tampatech TPT
- High gloss
- High chemical and mechanical resistance
- Extended pot life

Tampatech TPT can be universally used on ABS, pre-treated polyethylene and polypropylene, polyamide, thermosetting plastics, metals including thinly anodized aluminum, as well as on varnished and powder-coated surfaces. Under certain processing conditions, it is also suitable for Polyacetal materials such as Host form C or Delrin.