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RM - 2087



Product Details

Our liquid color ranges are based on an environmentally friendly, unique and well-proven technology and contain individual products that meet the requirements for FDA, packaging, toy, and other specific regulatory approvals. Our liquid colors can be used in nearly all conventional plastics and most technical plastics, for applications ranging from low-to high-end markets.

User can achieve the designed color by mixing system colors; The more system colors you choose from, the more color shades can be made. We offer basic selection of standardized systems colors that offer the ability to cover a significant portion of the color wheel. At the processing site this enables the customer to quickly respond to almost every colour demand in the market. Special effect colours like pearl and metallic effect can be added to this basic selection of system colors.

Dosing levels: The blends of system colors are generally dosed in a range varying from 0.02% up to 1.0%

Impact on the polymer: The amounts of color added to the polymer, are so low that either no or insignificant changes in polymer properties are apparent.

Typical physical properties: Our systems are tailor made. We adapt our selection of system colors, keeping your demands in mind. Our system colors are based on pigments and dyestuff and other coloring materials which have excellent properties in light fastness weatherability and heat stability