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Advantages of Liquid colours in injection moulding:

- Significantly lower coloring costs:
Low colour concentrations of between 0.1 and 0.5 percentage generally yield completely homogenous results in transparent plastic articles, whereas conventional colorants normally have to be dosed at concentrations of between 2 and 6 percentage.
- Optimal results from colorants used.
Extremely fine pigment dispersion yields maximum color strength.
- Everything from a single source.
We offers full range of Ral and Pantone colors.
- Time and cost savings
Color changes can be completed very quickly and with relatively little waste. Homogenous color distribution after only a few cycles.
- Manufacture of high quality products with low reject rate.
The very fine dispersion of the pigments in the polymer melt prevents speak formation and pigment agglomeration.
- Wide choice of colors.
Using our range of basic colors the customer can mix quickly and accurately to produce their own shades of colors.
Alternatively, we will prepare mixtures of virtually every color to the customer's specification.
- High degree of flexibility
Our color and additive concentrates are universally compatible with virtually every commonly used thermoplastic polymer.