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Pearlized Masterbatch for BOPP films:
1) SMA261B:
SMA261B is a kind of complex masterbatch which contain high performance CaCO3 and high quality rutile Titanium power. Also have 2 percent antistatic agent and 1 percent slip agent. It can be used in BOPP pearlized film. It can increase film's white color and opacity. In additional, the pearlized effect is remarkable.

Physical properties:
- MFI (230 Degree C, 2.16 kg): 15 +/- 3 g/10min (Test standard: GB3682-2000)
- Shape: Gray cylindrical particle
- Volatile content (90 Degree C, 3 hrs.): - Weight by amount: 400 +/- 50 pieces / 10g (Test standard: leading)

SMA261B can disperse well in PP films. You only need to add SMA261B, don't need to add in other white color masterbatch in the producing of pearlized film. It can reduce film's density efficiency. In additional, the film will have good coverable effect and excellent pearlized effect.

Addition rate suggestion:
The addition rate is at 12 percent to 20 percent. The ideal addition rate can be confirmed by testing.

PE heavy-duty bag, 25Kg/bag.

The product is sensitive to moisture; we can use aluminium-plastic composite packing. Once opened, you should use it after drying. The shelf life is about twelve months under the maximum room temperature of 25 Degree C. A higher storage temperature may affect the application quality of the masterbatch.