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Inorganic Anti-blocking Masterbatch for BOPP films:
1) SMA105 PC:
SMA105 PC is a kind of inorganic anti-blocking masterbatch special for BOPP film, with excellent optical performance, at the same time, SMA105 PC can decrease the friction modulus efficiency and prevent bonding in the rolling process. In this way, the film can be rolled and cut easily.

Physical properties:
- MFI (230 Degree C, 2.16 kg): 8 +/- 1 g/10min (Test standard: GB3682-2000)
- Shape: Translucent cylindrical particle
- Volatile content (90 Degree C, 3 hrs.): - Weight by amount: 650 +/- 50 pieces / 10g (Test standard: leading)

- SMA105PC contain high efficiency anti-blocking agent, in the normal, it can be used in the aluminize film and cigarette box pacing film. It is better than normal anti-blocking masterbatch.
- It owns good optical performance and will not affect film transparence.
- It can increase film slip effect.
- It prevents to scratch the film's surface and owns good luster effect.

Addition rate suggestion:
According to the different applications, the addition rate is at 5 percent to 30 percent in the core layer in BOPP cigarette film.

PE heavy-duty bag, 25 Kg/bag.

The product can be stored well in the original package. Please steal the package once you open it. The shelf life is about six months under the maximum room temperature of 25 Degree C. A higher storage temperature may affect the application quality of the masterbatch.