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High Consistency Antistatic Masterbatch for BOPP films:
1) SMA030:
SMA030 is a kind of high consistency antistatic masterbatch, which contains rapid transfer high Efficiency antistatic agent. It can transfer to film's surface, it is suitable for the film producing which require shorter period of charge decay time or lower surface resistivity.

Physical properties:
- MFI (230 Degree C, 2.16 kg): 30 +/- 5 g/10min (Test standard: GB3682-2000)
- Shape: Milk white cylindrical particle
- Density: 0.89 to 0.92 g/cm (Test standard: GB1033-86)
- Volatile content (90 Degree C, 3 hrs.): - Weight by amount: 700 +/- 50 pieces / 10g (Test standard: leading)

SMA030 contains 30 percent composite antistatic agent and the carrier resin is BOPP film grade homopolymer polypropylene.

SMA030A and SMA030B are suitable for printing film, heat-seal film, bags film and so on; they have good antistatic effect. Different antistatic agent has different transfer speed, so complex different antistatic agent by reasonable method, it will have good antistatic effect. The film contains SMA030 will has the excellent antistatic effect in the short time. In additional, SMA030B has the polymeric amine, so it is suitable for the BOPP high-speed production line. Furthermore, its high temperature friction coefficient is small and can keep it in a long time.

Addition rate suggestion:
The addition rate of SMA030 is decided by the applications and the thickness of film. The printing films and bag films should add 0.5 percent to 1.5 percent in the core layer; the ideal additive rate will be confirmed by test and affected by many factors.

PE heavy-duty bag, 25Kg/bag.

The product can be stored well in the original package. Please seal the package once you open it. The shelf life is about six months under the maximum room temperature of 25 Degree C. A higher storage temperature may affect the application quality of the masterbatch.