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RM - 1998



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Clarifying or Nucleating agent is a high performance sorbitol based substance that reduces haze and enhances the clarity of polypropylene through nucleation of the polymer. This also leads to enhanced stiffness of the molded part and to shorter cycle time during the molding process. Products of such structural formula have been approved by FDA permitting use for food contacts in the world market.

Chemical: Bis (P-Methylbenzylidence) sorbitol
CAS Number: 54686-97-4
Molecular Formula: C22H26O6
Appearance: White powder
Melting Point: 248 ~ 255 Degree Celsius
Bulk Density: 120 ~ 290 kg/m3 at 20 Degree Celsius
Purity: > 99 %
Moisture content: < 0.01 %

Industrial Use: Clarifying agent is a highly effective substance for polypropylene homopolymer & random copolymer. Clarifying agent can be blended with polypropylene powder through dry mixing or the master batch and it gives high transparency, improves mechanical properties and heat resistance. It can be applied in thin wall injection moulding, film sheet extrusion, blow moulding and rotational moulding.

Clarifying agent makes polypropylene more appealing to consumers and increases its usefulness through improved transparency. Leading injection molding markets include house wares, storage cases, living hinge cases, thin-wall containers and disposable syringes. Clarified polypropylene blow molded bottles are a popular choice for pharmaceuticals, spices, juices, sauces, vitamins and baby bottles