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RM - 1999



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Fluorescent Brightener OB
- Chemical Name: 2, 5`- bis (5-tert-butyl benzoxazolyl-2`-) thiophene
- Formula: C26 H26 N2 O2 S
- Molecular Weight: 430
- C.I. Number: 184
- Appearance: Slight yellow or milk white powder
- Melting Point: 200 ~ 202 Degree Celsius
- Purity: > 99.0 %

Applications : Multi purpose brightener for whitening of thermoplastics, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester fibres, paints, inks, solvent based coatings, etc.

Special Features: Best Brightener for white pigmented polyolefin polymers. Imparts natural white effect.

Fluorescent Brightener OB-1
Chemical name: 2, 2' - (1, 2-Ethenediyldi - 4, 1 phenylene) bisbenzoxazole
Formula: C28 H18 N2 O2
Molecular Weight: 414.4
C.I. Number: 393
Appearance: Yellowish Green powder
Melting Point: 353 ~ 359 Degree Celsius
Purity: > 99.0 %

Applications: Mainly used in the whitening of polyester and other plastics, as well as in the whitening of nylon during polymerization.

Special Features: Most popular brightener for producing LLDPE based brightener master batch. Very useful for improving the appearance of recycled or reprocessed polymers such as polyester and nylon waste