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RM - 1789



Product Details

Glitter Powder: Precision cut glitter enhances our quality, which is only from vaccum-metalized polyester film. Thus coatings are brilliant and transparent, allowing them to be water and solvent resistant. The precise size and shape allow it to easily pass through screens and nozzles without clogging, process equipment. All of our coatings are non-toxic.

Used on containers of:
- Cosmetics Cases
- Electronics
- Made of P.V.C. or Acrylic
- Parts of Motor Vehicles
- Rotational Cast and Extruded Molding Resins and Others.

Our glitter can be used in
- Heat Transfef Printed on Fabrics
- Cotton
- Denim
- Flocks
- Polyester
- Silk
- Velvet and other

Construction Materials:
- Fashion Flooring
- Furniture
- Kitchen Utensils
- Paints
- Tiles and other

- Acrylics Artificial Flowers
- Jewelleries
- Fashion Tattoos
- Pen Glue Greeting Cards Colors
- Make-up
- Nail Polish
- Wood
- Toys and many more