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RM - 1784



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We are manufacturer of Plasticizers. Our plasticizers are phthalate esters, meleates and trimellitates used to soften rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Our range of plasticizers comprise of:

- DOP (Di-octyl Phthalate)
- DBP (Di-butyl Phthalate)
- DINP (Di-iso-nonyl Phthalate)
- TOTM (Tri-octyl Trimellitate)
- DOM (Di-octyl Maleate)
- DBM (Di-butyl Phthalate)

Used in everyday product application areas, including vinyl flooring, wire and cables, footwear, automotive parts, flexible PVC films and sheet, gloves, water hoses and tubes, rubber belts, erasers, non toxic food containers, adhesives, perfumes, leather cloth, fibre lubricants, antifoaming agents, coating industry, lacquers and medical applications.