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Western India
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A Plast-XLS is an Epoxydised Soyabean Oil with high molecular weight. It provides plasticizing & stabilizing action against degradation by heat & light in Vinyl Compounds. It has excellent resistance to extraction by soapy water & provides resistance to extraction by oil & gasoline. It further improves the ultraviolet light durability of Vinyl Compounds. It is markedly superior to other Epoxydised Oil Plasticizers in compatibility and stability as measured by resistance to the development of track & spew on prolonged window exposure. Taste & odour are exceptionally low in "Plast-XLS"
Plast-XLS is suitable for light weight film, sheeting coated fabrics, extruded products & moulding compounds, where a combination of excellent stability & plasticizer performance is desired. Due to its higher compatibility and stability, it makes possivble high speed calendering & extrusion, giving a better rate of production
Plast-XLS is a higher graded product than the former ones "Plast-XLS" and "Plast-XL" in colour, low odour and higher Oxirane Oxygen content