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Under the trade name of Relezol, Omega manufactures wide range of internal release + process aids (internal lubricants) for various polymers including engineering polymers like polyamides, PP, PE, ABS, PC, PVC etc. These internal lubricants are proprietary complex formulations of different and modified fatty acids and give synergetic results at a very low dosage levels and hence are very cost effective. Relezol lubricants have 100 percent active solids that are formulated to have optimum balance between release and process ability in the lubricants and thus give optimum results without affecting physical properties of the final product. These lubricants facilitate lower temperature and cycle time on the machine and enhance surface finish of the product, enabling increase in productivity with quality.

1) Thermoplastic industry:
- Relezol - 552: Nylon 6
- Relezol - 77M2: LLDPE
- Relezol - 23F7: PP
- Relezol - PP 633: PP
- Relezol - 567: PC
- Relezol - 597: HDPE

2) Rubber Industry:
- Relezol - 350 DA: EPDM, EVA

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