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Purging Compounds Optimize Thermoplastic Processing
While Lusin purging compounds are widely used for color and material changes, manufacturers have realized other key benefits
- Non-abrasive actions keep equipment running efficiently and extend life
-Thorough removal of contamination and color for less scrap and cleaner equipment
- Safe to use throughout the entire process, including on downstream equipment such as hot runners, where most contamination settles
- Designed to run within your established production parameters, eliminating downtime to change equipment settings
- Sustainable, environmentally conscious technology

- Polyolefins (PP, PE, TPO and others)
- High-temperature resins (PEEK, PSU and others)
- Engineered resins (ABS, HIPS, PS, PA and others)

- Injection molding
- Blow molding
- Extrusion (film, sheet, profile, pipe, wire and cable)
- Compounding

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