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RM - 2680



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Purging Compound:
We produce a highly efficient purging and cleaning material developed for plastic molding machines.
It is a super compound, with characteristics that are not found in any other purging material and facilitate the molding industry trend toward small-lot multi-product operations.
It combines efficiency and ease of use with outstanding cleaning power in purging injection molding machines and extruders for resin type or color interchange and for deposit removal.

1) Effective removal of deposits from cylinder:
Our purging compound material drastically reduces the time it takes to do color and material changes and reduces the loss of molding materials. Purging compound also removes contamination within the screw and barrel, thus reducing the reject rate of finished products and increasing net operation rate.

2) Economical in material and time:
Purging compound material leaves less residue within the molding machine due to its unique polymer structure. As a result, the next molding operation can start smoothly and quickly.

3) Easy use and handling:
Styrenic resin-based pellet form, for ease of handling and broad operating temperature range that permits purging with no adjustment of molding temperature.

4) Safety: Nontoxic, non corrosive, non reactive, and slight or no odor.