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Purge compounds are extremely important for modern thermoplastic processors and the use of purging compounds that are designed specifically for operational process and parameters can provide a significant competitive advantage. Eliminating carbon buildup in screw and barrel assemblies, as well as on die sets and tooling, has a significant impact on processing efficiency, scrap rates, tool & die life and equipment maintenance. Reductions in color or polymer change-over times can significantly enhance operational margins by increasing equipment and labor uptime, allowing organizational assets to be more fully leveraged toward providing complete value to the manufacturing process.

Chem-Trend’s Lusin® and Ultra Purge™ brands of purge compounds cover a wide array of process applications, polymers, operating temperatures and equipment types. They have been specifically developed to address the challenges faced by thermoplastic processors and add significant value to their operations. We even offer multiple versions that are NSF registered.

We encourage you to contact us and learn first-hand what our high performance purging compounds can do to improve your operation. Or, find out more about our solutions to thermoplastic processing challenges in the expanded sections below.

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