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Polymer For Sealing Tile Joints
* Leakage from the glazed tile joints or Mosaic tiles of bath-room, W.C. block and kitchen etc., is great problem. Such joints are generally filled with white cement, which decays with use of several types of cleaning agents and comes out in due course. Leakage from such joints could be prevented by sealing with TILESEAL which penetrates in the joints and have an excellent adhesion to the ceramic surface.
* It is a polymer based single component, ready for use. It is of low viscous consistency, which penetrates into very fine cracks or crevices and has got excellent adhesion to glazed tiles, ceramics, timber, concrete, metal and glass etc. The joint becomes complete imprevious after dying and has no effect of alkalies and light acids etc., It is a complete transparent and colourless liquid. It is available in 100 grams aluminium tube having a nozel in front.