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PVC Heat Stabilizers

We are manufacturer of PVC heat stabilizers.

Individual Stabilizers:
- Heat Stabilizer for rigid and flexible e.g. Pipes, conduits, profiles, fittings, tubing, suction hoses, wire and cables
- An excellent lubricant for PVC processing with moderate stabilizing power for pipes, conduits, profiles, fittings, tubing, suction hoses, wire and cables
- A high temperature lubricant with good stabilizing action for rigid and semi-rigid, opaque and translucent products e.g. pipes, profiles, sheets, cables, films
- Excellent multi functional lubricant and mould release agent for rigid and flexible vinyl with stabilizing action
- High temperature and high speed processing of PVC compounds requiring good electrical insulation and retention of mechanical properties on heat ageing e.g. insulations, cable compounds
- Heat stabilizer for rigid and plasticized compounds requiring high processing temperatures and outdoor weatherability

One Pack Stabilizers (Solid)
Type - Lead Complex
- Rigid PVC pipes, profiles, conduits, pipe fittings
- Wires and cables

Type - Metal Complex
- Shoe compound
- Specialty compound
- Translucent compound

Type - Ca/Zn Complex
- Non toxic application