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RM - 2302



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Liquid Mixed Metals Stabilizers for Plastisol Coating Applications.
An important and a rather complex set of liquid mixed systems are employed in the processing of PVC plastisol. Plastisols are dispersions of paste making PVC resins. Being liquid, plastisols allow pressureless moulding at room temperature. Plastisols fuse or gel when heated and turn into a homogenious melt at about 180-200 degree C. Cooling of the melt results in a solid which remains with or is released from the support on which the plastisol has been applied. Liquid mixed metals systems are widely used for platisol processing. Contrary to other PVC processing methods, the required amount of stabilizers is relatively small. Lubricants are normally not used for processing. If necessary, heat and light stability of mixed metal stabilizers can be enhanced by adding epoxy plasticisers.
Plastisol Products include the following:
- Artificial leather, also referred to as leather-cloth (compact, expanded, compact/expanded)
- Artificial leather for automotive use (compact, compact/expanded)
- Carpet and coir mat backing and heavy weight coatings (expanded, compact)
- Floorings (compact, compact/expanded, e.g. cushion vinyls)
- Wall coverings (compact, expanded)
- Tarpaulins, roofings, tents and coil coating (compact)
- Sealants for closures (compact, expanded)
- Car underbody sealants and seam sealers (compact)