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Tri Basic Lead Sulphate Powder Stabilizer:
The Instabex TM range of individual stabilizers TBLS, DBLS, LS, CS, DBLPhos and DBLThal are not run of the mill products available in the market but are carefully manufactured under strict process parameters. All Instabex TM range of commodity stabilizers are pulverized using the latest pneumatic separation technology and are available in very narrow particle distribution range. This ensures better dispersion and better results.

- Appearance: Fine Off White Powder (Test method: QA/TMM/026)
- Metal content as percent Pb: 81.00 to 84.00 (Test method: QA/TMM/012)
- Metal content as percent PbO: 87.25 to 90.48 (Test method: QA/TMM/012)
- Particle size (Percent): 99.00 through 400 Mesh (Test method: QA/TMM/011)
- Specific gravity: 6.40 to 6.80 (Test method: QA/TMM/010)
- Moisture content (Percent): 1.0 Max. (Test method: QA/TMM/009)

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