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Zinc Stearate Powder Stabilizer:
Zinc Stearate is a fine white powder that can be used in coatings to offer easier dispersion in solvent vehicles for coatings, including lacquers and paints to achieve uniform flatting. It is also used as matting / grinding agent.

- Appearance: Fine white powder (Test method: QA/TMM/026)
- Metal content as percent Zn: 10.50 to 11.50 (Test method: QA/TMM/015)
- Metal content as percent ZnO: 13.00 to 14.31 (Test method: QA/TMM/015)
- Particle size (percent): 99 through 200 Mesh (Test method: QA/TMM/011)
- Specific gravity: 0.90 to 1.10 (Test method: QA/TMM/010)
- Moisture content (percent): 1.00 max. (Test method: QA/TMM/009)
- Free fatty acid (percent): 2.00 max. (Test method: QA/TMM/008)
- Melting point (Degree C): 118 to 125 (Test method: QA/TMM/019)
- Iron (Fe) content (percent): 80 PPM max. (Test method: BY AAS)

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