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Liquid Lead Stabilizer:
Instabex IC:
Aryavart introduced the concept of liquid Lead stabilizers in India for the first time in 1985. Liquid Leads offer advantage of dust free handling, easy dispersion and its presence at thermally degradable active site in molecular chain prevents the degradation more effectively. It gives an excellent flow compared to TBLS; further, it imparts excellent insulation properties and also some degree of transparency in unfilled

- Appearance: Clear liquid (Test method: Visual)
- Colour (Gardner unit): Not available (Test method: QA/TMM/005)
- Specific gravity at 30 Degree C: 1.32 ± 0.03 (Test method: QA/TMM/010)
- Viscosity (Ford Cup B4) at 30 Degree C, Seconds: 100 max (Test method: QA/TMM/006)
- Metal content as percent Pb: 32.5 minimum (Test method: QA/TMM/026)

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