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Potassium Zinc Liquid Stabilizer
Instabex KC:
The Instabex KC series kickers are an alternative kicker system based on Potassium-Zinc. These systems are free from heavy metals and hence fulfill requirements of export to European countries. These products not only reduce the decomposition temperature of blowing agent but provide adequate thermal stability also.

- Appearance: Clear liquid (Test method: Visual)
- Colour (Gardner unit): Not available (Test method: QA/TMM/005)
- Specific gravity at 30 Degree C: 0.90 +/- 0.03 (Test method: QA/TMM/010)
- Viscosity (Ford Cup B4) at 30 Degree C, Seconds: 30 max (Test method: QA/TMM/006)
- MTO Tolerance: 1:19 (Test method: QA/TMM/024)

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