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Spectrum Enterprise is a one-stop shop for all PVC and other polymer additives for the Indian market.
- Commodity Stabilizers
- One-Packs
- Liquid Stabilizers
- Baerlocher Group - Imported Additives

Baerlocher India's state-of-the-art plant, manufactures commodity stabilizers, liquid stabilizers, and one packs. In addition Spectrum Enterprise's parent company has set up Baerlocher India Research and Development Pvt. Ltd. to undertake research and technology development for the group companies around the world, and also provide technical support to Baerlocher India sales. What's more, products not manufactured by Baerlocher India presently, e.g., organotin stabilizers, calcium-zinc stabilizers, specialized non-cadmium stabilizers for automotive applications, non-vinyl additives like metallic stearates, all these can, specially be imported for the Indian customer.

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