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VCI Masterbatches:
Kinetic Polymers VCI masterbatches are made with proprietary chemicals blended with polyethylene and other processing aids at a very high concentration level to get the required corrosion resistance in the poly film at dosage level around 2 percent.
- Base polymer: LDPE / LLDPE / Processing aids
- VCI chemical: Volatile corrosion inhibitor (Proprietary)
- Colour: Yellow
- Form: Granular
- Dosage levels required in the final product: 2 percent to 4 percent

Low processing temperature and addition of LDPE 040 grade will help the processing.

Uses of VCI masterbatch:
- Film blowing / moulding / clink film /shrink / bubble
- Suitable for M.S and also other metals.

Major benefits:
- Delays / stops corrosion for metals.
- Can eliminate the use of oil and grease.

- Humidity chamber
- Expose in normal atmosphere and check the corrosion visually.

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