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RM - 2313



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Viscosity Depressants:
Currently we have viscosity depressants for PP grades used in injection molding especially for thin part molding and for non woven melt blown applications. NovisTM P-400 has a melting point and mechanical properties quite close to conventional PP, but its low molecular weight and narrow MW distribution produces a very high melt flow rate. In addition, the melt viscosity is unchanged at different shear rates, unlike conventional PP which is shear sensitive. Nonetheless, NovisTM P-400 and NovisTM P-440 are completely miscible with conventional PP resins. This combination of properties is responsible for its multifunctional role as a very useful processing and dispersing aid.

Another first from Pluss – NovisTM P-490 is an ultra high melt flow rate homopolymer. This grade is recommended for melt blown nonwoven applications. Polymers used in melt blown process must have a low viscosity at a relatively high temperature. P-490 decreases the overall viscosity of the material and facilitates the smooth formation of micro fibers coming out from the die holes. It also helps in producing micro fibers of the diameter in the range of 0.1 µm to 4 µm through which one can vary degree of softness, opacity & porosity.

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