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In their early years Chlorinated Paraffin Waxes acquired a reputation for poor color and low thermal stability. However, by employing modern chlorination techniques and the use of straight-chain liquid paraffin feedstock's, chlorinated products are now produced which are water-white and have properties comparable to those of the octyl phthalates.

We offer waxes that specifically recommended for PVC applications. These grades can be used as sole plasticizers in relatively hard products, such as flooring compounds, but they are more normally used as partial replacements for phthalate or phosphate primary plastisizers. Since they are available at lower prices than primary plastisizers, their use in PVC compounds gives significant savings in raw material costs. The properties of finished compounds are not impaired and the flame retardance may be improved.

The use of chlorinated paraffin secondary plastisizers is straightforward and provided that the compatibility limits are not exceeded, no exudation occurs.