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RM - 2052



Product Details

Compact Ester Wax
- Colour: Yellowish White
- Physical form: Granule Powder
- Melting point: 115 ± 5 degree C
- Brookfield Viscosity at 150 Degree C: 6000 ± 100 cps
- Specific Gravity: 0.95 ± 0.1 gm/cm3

Applications - PVC Cable Compound, PVC Pipe and Profile, Rubber

Key Benefits:
- Sparingly soluble in PVC, which result as a pronounced external lubricant effect.
- Used as an external lubricant for rigid and plasticized PVC. It prevents the melt from adhering to the hot metal surface or processing machinery and decomposing.
- Improves flow, easy process, gloss, smoothness and water repellency of PVC surface.
- Improves in mechanical properties specially impact strength.
- Fast Flow-S in PVC cable and PVC cable compound increase gloss, die electric (insulation) properties and Production yield.