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RM - 2272



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We can offer PE Wax in granules and flakes form from S. E. Asia for Pipe, Masterbatch and other industries.

Polyethylene Wax and Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Series Data Sheet

- Master batches colour concentration;
- Lubricant for plastic and rubber processing;
- Additives for coatings and print inks;
- Dispersion for Pigment;
- Aqueous emulsions for paper and leather industries
- Cable compounds / fillers
- Mould release wax
- Paraffin compounds
- Other industries

Chemicals Features:
- Excellent internal and external lubricity
- Good miscibility with other resins
- Stable chemicals properties

Packages: Woven plastic bag, 25kgs/per

- Avoid direct sunshine, water and impurities.
- Store in a dry room temperature place.
- Shelf life is 1 year.