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RM - 2496



Product Details

We can now offer PE, PP Wax from Far East on a regular basis.

Type of products:
- LDPE wax: 101N, 102N, 107N, 121N
- HDPE wax: 104N, 105N, 106N
- Homo-PP wax: 502NC, 503NC
- Co-PP wax: 502N, 503N, 525N
- Modified wax: 301E

LC waxes features:
- Up-graded thermal degradation
- Good thermal stability
- Uniform colour and physical characteristics

Application of LC waxes:
- Pigment concentrate
- Colour master batch
- Processing aid for rubber and plastic
- Hot melt adhesive
- Additives of the asphalt
- Additives of cable filing compound
- Additives of paint and ink
- Processing aid for plastics (ABS, PS, Nylon)

Polyolefin and Polypropylene waxes
- Up-graded thermal degradation process
- Good thermal stability, uniform colour and physical properties
- Available in powder or pastille form

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