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Gujarat, India

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White Masterbatch

- Made with unique formulation recipe & additives
- Available with different loading of Rutile grade Titanium Dioxide fm 30 % to 70 %
- Manufactured with PE, PP PS and EVA base carriers
- Suitable for processing on high speed machines & multilayer films
- Optimum opacity, high gloss, smooth finish

- Selection of specific applications is made considering various critical factors like
- High speed and high temperature extrusion.

Suitable for different applications:
- General purpose or commodity films
- Injection / Blow / Roto Moulding applications
- Flexible packaging
- High Speed and High Temperature Extrusion
- Extrusion Coating / Lamination
- Multilayer film extrusion, etc.

- Excellent dispersion
- Formulations suited for:
- Thick / thin wall applications for Injection and Blow Molding Cast, Blown and Extrusion coating Films.
- Ease of incorporation
- Food contact acceptable grades
- Weather resistant grades
- Photographic Paper grades
- Engineering resin grades
- Highly loaded products up to 80%

- The grades of titanium dioxide are carefully chosen to ensure high opacity and good dispersion.
- The base carrier selected has total compatibility with the polymer being coloured.
- Only Rutile grades of Titanium Dioxide are used
- Recommended dosage fm 1 to 2.5 % for injection & blow moulding & 2 to 10 % for multilayer film extrusion process.

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