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RM - 3414


Hyderabad, India

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White and Black Masterbatches

- Maximum protection against sunlight degradation
- Improve the process ability
- Avoids discoloration
- Stabilize the mechanical & elongation
- Increase durability of products

We are well known in the Masterbatch industry for high concentrates of white and black masterbatches.
- White masterbatches are widely used in plastic industry; they provide brightness, opacity and whiteness to the final product. Black masterbatches are used for diverse industrial applications. It is well known in the plastic industry that producing the purest whites and the deepest blacks for plastics can pose special challenges.

To overcome these challenges Colorplas has come up with high pigment concentrations which are carefully formulated to ensure compatibility with the polymer matrix and uniform and economical color development in the finished product.

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