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White Masterbatch:
Calco Polychem’s range of white masterbatches has PE and PP as base polymers. Our masterbatches are made from high quality TiO2 to give excellent opacity and brightness without sacrificing functional requirements.

PE based grades show excellent performance in most critical requirements when used in multilayer, monolayer HMHDPE and LLDPE rich films with excellent gloss and whiteness. Typically, these include moderate to high loading of pigments.

Calco Polychem’s premium grades white masterbatch are made from carefully selected additives that ensure migration free film, without affecting coefficient of friction of the film. We also provide grades with a very high loading of pigment for excellent opacity and whiteness, without affecting other critical properties such as surface treatment, migration of additives and ease of processing at very high loading.

Typically our economy range offers cost advantages without sacrificing performance criteria in applications like HMHDPE monolayer bags with better gloss, LDPE monolayer shopping bags, HDPE blow molding and injection molded articles.

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