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Master Batch White 118-400:
- M.F.I. at 190C/2.16 Kg (grams/10 mins): 12/17
- Specific gravity (grams/cm3): 1.62+
- Food approval: Approved
- Heat stability (Deg. C): 300

- Carrier resin type: L.L.D.P.E.
- Concentrate: Titanium Dioxide Rutile - 60 percent

- No residue after passing through screen pack 100.
- Improved process ability and requires significantly less energy to process.
- With its low melt viscosity & outstanding dispersion flows smoothly showing the lowest pressure build of any product. This outstanding performance offers the potential for significant savings in production costs including lower energy consumption less downtime & improved throughout rate.
- Run faster than ever with less downtime.
- Showing unmatched dispersion, it glides through your process with minimum effect on melt flow it resists lacing & die build-up. It brings high opacity & powerful tinting strength & the color is brilliant white with a bluish tint tone.
- Where an outstanding combination of high temperature performance is required in master batch.

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