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Hy-Performer White Pigment for Masterbatches

Lithomer an inspiring innovation of white pigments attained by means of Co-precipitation, under special controlled post production treatment which obtains ultra fine particle size distribution is typical of this product and is optimally adjusted for optical rheological properties.
Lithomer white pigment's relative scattering, high lightness, neutral white color and it's diffuse reflectance enable white master batches producers to save costs via partial replacement of TiO2 & Polymers. White master batch consisting of 50% TiO2 & 25% Lithomer can achieve the same hiding power as batches consisting of 60% TiO2.
In addition, the elongation of PE films can also be raised, and the impact strength of many thermoplastics (e.g. PP and ABS) improved, by using LITOMER.

Advantages: Typical Optical and rheological properties of white pigments - Lithomer provides significant technical and economic advantages in production of white master batches.

Optical properties
- Excellent dispensability
- Resistance to yellowing
- Lacing resistance
- Cost efficiency