Required - M - 1039 - Extrusion Dies


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M - 1039


Extrusion Dies
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Product Details

We offer solutions for coextrusion according to different requirements. Multichannel dies
and coextrusion adapters are tailor-made tools for the best technical and/or economical
solution to manufacture films and sheets with specified properties.

Coextrusion adapters for fixed multilayer structurs. The main extruder is connected with the
center layer. The coextruder (or coextruders) runs for the surface layers.

The surface layer channels can be closed with valves, production of different structures like
A/B/A, A/B, B/A and B is possible.

The speed of the melt stream and the profile of the surface layer melt-stream can be
influenced by adjustable elements. Also polymers with different melt-viscosity can be processed
by these coextrusion adapters to multilayer structures with best thickness profile.

Coextrusions adapter with exchangeable layer inserts . The exchangeable layer inserts areresponsible for the connection of every extruder to specified layers of the multilayer structure.

The layer inserts and the levers for the adjustment elements are free accessible - so changing
of the multilayer structure needs no dismantling of the feed block.