Required - M - 1082 - Thermoforming moulds for containers


Reference Number

M - 1082


Thermoforming moulds for containers

Product Details

We specialize in every aspect of thermoforming mould technology.
We offer moulds tailor made to specific product and for processing a wide range of thermoplastics like HIPS, PP, PET, PVC etc. thus providing the right solution to every need.
Our innovative designs provide moulds with maximum yield of formed material which reduces the sheet side-trim wastage and energy to the best possible extent.
Our quick change mechanism facilitates production from two different cavities in a quick and easy manner.
We offer thermoforming moulds for various applications ranging from simplest round drinking cups to intricate strawberry punnets, hingable boxes, lids, round and rectangular trays etc.
We offer complete solutions with state-of-the-art product development, mould and its component design utilizing CAD.
Maintenance and service of the mould can be arranged for longer performance.

We manufacture Moulds for:
-Thin walled plastic disposable drinking cups and glasses for hot and cold beverages
-Round or rectangular containers with or without partition / lid for storage of foodstuffs, snacks, salads etc.
-Lids for round or rectangular containers for lunch, dinner, snacks etc.
-Round or rectangular containers for dairy products
-Punnets for fresh fruits and vegetables
-Hingable boxes for sandwiches and burgers