For Sale - M - 1118 - Steel and Cast Aluminium Rotational Moulds


Reference Number

M - 1118


Steel and Cast Aluminium Rotational Moulds

Product Details

Clips poly produces every thing from simple prototype to large multi-cavity molds. The making of complex molds is one of our specialties. We leave our mark of quality on very
mold we make.

The molds are manufactured from 2.5 mm thickness sheets and Submitted to termic treatment to a void deformation during Molding.

Our highly skilled mold makers put special care into every Stage of mold construction. We assure that molds are of highest accuracy and quality.

Clips poly offers porosity free cast aluminum molds. We Pay attention to every detail of molds to ensure, the final product is perfect, high quality surface finish.

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Clips Poly Engineering
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