For Sale - M - 1127 - Cross Head and Melt Distributor


Reference Number

M - 1127


Cross Head and Melt Distributor

Product Details

We are leader in the design of cross heads which offers perfect material flow and distribution. Equipped with fixed or manual centering, they give an excellent concentricity. Extrusion tooling can be exchanged without disturbing the centering adjustment.

Manufactured with high precision, our Cross Head are ideally suited for insulation and sheathing of round, sector shaped, or multi-conductor cables.

Melt Distributor- one of the most important parts of a Cross Head is the melt distributor. Its task is to uniformly distribute the molten polymer, delivered from the extruder, around the cable. To achieve this goal, a close interaction between design and manufacturing is required.

Mathematical analysis of both manufacturing process and melt flow permits optimization of the shape of the distributor at the design stage.

We offer Cross head for wide dia. ranging from 4 mm to 140 mm.