For Sale - M - 1135 - Collapsible Cores, Ejector Pins for Moulds


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M - 1135


Collapsible Cores, Ejector Pins for Moulds

Product Details

Progressive Components is a leading supplier of innovations for injection moulds. With regional headquarters located in the U.S., Singapore, and England, additional distribution is provided through a network of channel partners throughout the world.

Counter Views - Monitor mould activity for proper mould maintenance and management with the industry's leading cycle counter. Each features a unique laser etched "URL / Serial #" which assists in accessing mould information online.

UniLifters - Release undercuts with the globally accepted method for reliable performance. With its unique materials and design, tooling engineers can now specify a proven lifter system.

Collapsible Cores - Decrease cycle time, mould size, and press size with this proven alternative to gear / rack systems. Standard cores can be provided with finished threads machined.

SRT Slide Retainers - Reliably secure slides in location. Progressive's SRT's unique roller design will not gall slide surfaces, and are extremely compact.

Date Stamps - Wall thickness of plastic parts remains consistent with Progressive's "Remains Flush" design, while plugs can be changed at year-end without removing the mould from the press.

Ejector Pins - As part of STIACK'S one-stop-shop offering, quality DIN-series Ejector Pins are available from stock.

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