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M - 1136


Hot Sprue Bushings

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STIACK has developed two popular types of Hot Sprue Bushings for Household and Engineering applications, which eliminate the need for a cold sprue thereby automatically eliminating the wastage of material and saving time. To provide you with superior quality and life, STIACK Hot Sprue Bushings incorporate heaters from Hot Set, Germany.

- The STIACK: SIMP Hot Sprue Bush features an unrestricted straight melt channel made of wear resistant, hardened steel, and is often used for commodity materials like LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS etc.

- The STIACK: COMP Hot Sprue Bush is provided with a high performance Cast-in heater and can be used successfully with engineering materials requiring a tight temperature control, like PC, POM, PA, PETP, etc.

Advantages of the Hot Sprue Bush
- Sprue is eliminated
- Wastage is nil, thus no regrinding of material.
- Improved cycle time
- Better, part quality

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