For Sale - M - 1138 - PET Preform Mould


Reference Number

M - 1138


PET Preform Mould

Product Details

- We offer 02 to 48 cavity mouldS with various layout options
- We offer 19mm neck to 145mm neck PreformS
- We have made preformed moulds with preformed weight ranging from 6.0gm to 375gm
- Over and above conventional systems, we offer hot plates moulds with valve gate system
- A step ahead towards upgrading performs moulds for Indian market we proudly offer complete hot runner system (Hot Half) designed and made indigenously by us
Features with latest variant:
- Guaranteed naturally balance, dead spots free melt flow path with flow diverters having generous radius at turns, duly polished to smoothen the melt flow.
- Better heat management, with better insulators at nozzle.
- Pneumatically operated valve gate system for positive shut off of nozzle gate.
- Friction free "Cam and Roller" preform ejection system.
- Punch insert, neck insert's further hardening upto 45 to 48 HRC offered. (Optional)
- We offer Titanium (Tin) coating on punch insert to reduce ejection force. (Optional)
- Moulds designed for maximum convenience of maintenance on machine it self for minimum down time.