For Sale - M - 1148 - Wide Range of Sohisticated Roto Molds


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M - 1148


Wide Range of Sohisticated Roto Molds

Product Details

We manufacture a large variety of rotomoulding molds. In order to meet the requirement of its clients, we offer low cost Sheet Metal Molds. Stainless Steel Molds, Cast Aluminum Molds, Machine Molds, Teflon Coated Molds & so on. We offer to develop products in order to meet the requirements of its clients; we also use ACAD / 3D (Pro-Engineer) system and CNC machines. And can offer any kind of mold for Rotational Molding. The development changes are very reasonable. We have expert engineers are production technicians in the field of mold making, who use machines specially built for this purpose, design these molds.
Our Mold range offers a low part be it furniture's recreational products, tanks, multi-layered articles, cabins, and so on. The variety of molds made, ranges from objects of the size of ping-pong ball to a 100,000 liters molds.
We offer world-class facility for cast aluminum molds. The casting technology is one of the best being used under close supervision of Malcolm Mason, a world authority in casings. Besides, we have the in-house facility of making 2D and 3D designs, making sophisticated castings, mold finishing by its master craftsmen, and Teflon (Polytetra-fluroethylene) coating molds, which are tried in house.