For Sale - M - 1152 - Die Head


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M - 1152


Die Head

Product Details

We produce Blown Film Extrusion Die Heads of all sorts, such as HD/LD/ LLDPE /PP die heads , co-extrusion die heads , multi-color blown film die heads , and die heads of stack type by electroless nickel plating; or by any requirement of the most advanced technology. Moreover, we also produce Rotary Mechanism both mono & twin layers, Filter , Screen Changer and Static Mixer . Maximum die head mouth can be reached up to 1200mm. Die material are mostly used by two kinds, S 45 C and SCM 440. All of the major processing works have been made in own house. Die head testing is available in our own facility; therefore, we may guaranty to customer that each die head is under the perfect condition before delivery.

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