For Sale - M - 1165 - Hot Runner Pet Preform Moulds


Reference Number

M - 1165


Hot Runner Pet Preform Moulds

Product Details

- Available in option of 01, 02, 04, 06, 08, 10, 12, 16, 24 & 32 Cavities Moulds.
- Automated ejection of Preforms.
- Efficient Concealed cooling system. Also available with quick change couple to reduce piping hassles and time.
- Nozzle shut-off System (Valve Gate) provided to each gate, to avoid PET material from drooling.
- The latest designed Hot Plate System Moulds produces Ultra Gateless Preforms avoids laborious gate cutting operation and unhygienic manual handling of preform.
- Thermally well balanced Hot Plate System provides very close and effective control on the process.

We offer versatile and cost effective "Combo Mould" options,
- Multiple Weight Preform Moulds with interchangeable Neck Inserts & Full Punch Side.
- 28 mm Neck & combination.
- 28mm Neck & SAVOR (03 start) Neck Combination.
- 28mm Neck & 30mm (03 starts) Neck combination.

- Convenience of changing the Neck Insert & Full Punch Side.
- Maintaining each individual manufactured Mould History to provide trouble free after sales services and availability of "just fit in" interchangeable spares.
- The preform rejection almost negligible during set production.
- Right material selection for each mould parts according to it's application. All critical parts made out of Corrosion Resistant pre-harden steel.
- All the consuming and wearing parts designed for the ease replacement upon wearing out or damaged.
- Our New Series provides low pressure, high quality moulds.