For Sale - M - 1167 - Beryllium Copper Alloy for Moulds


Reference Number

M - 1167


Beryllium Copper Alloy for Moulds

Product Details

When it comes to injection mould & blow plastic mould materials nothing speeds production like Copper alloys. Our alloy's thermal conductivity is almost 10 times greater than tool steels, so it offers faster, more uniform heat dissipation. That means more than 20 percent reduction in cycle times. But speed of production is not the only factor. Current research shows beryllium copper cores exceed most production requirements. For extreme conditions such as long runs of 30 percentage glass-filled nylon, beryllium copper lasts longer than P-20 steel cores.

The injection moulding cycle is made up of a number of elements. They include the filling portion, the cooling portion & the mould open portion. The cooling portion is always the longest & is usually 65 percentage of the overall cycle. Therefore the longest element in the overall cycle is where the greatest benefit can be obtained in improving the injection moulding cycle & where beryllium copper works best.