For Sale - M - 1172 - Bala- Hot Runner Thermally Balanced Nozzle System


Reference Numbers

M - 1172


Bala- Hot Runner Thermally Balanced Nozzle System

Product Details

Bala hot runner system is designed to meet the demands of general applications, including engineering materials. The design provides the best thermally balanced nozzle.

Typical applications:
- TV black panel
- Window frame (PVC)
- 2 color tail lamp

- 4 different flow channels.
- Nozzle length can be adjusted by order.
- Inter changeable gate bushes.
- Open gate & valve gate.

- The Yudo Bala system is designed to keep the melt channel of the nozzle at a uniform operating temperature.
- A wide variety of gate designs (11 standards plus options) makes the Bala system suitable for most applications.
- The Bala system is designed to offer a +/- 3 percent variation of the melt temperature along the whole length of the hot runner system melt channel. This guarantee is given when the hot runner system is operating under normal conditions.
- The Bala system can be used with a wide range of materials including PBT and PVC, and eliminates the problems associated with heat witness marks around the gate area.

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