For Sale - M - 1176 - Hot Runners for Small Dimensional and Balance Tol.


Reference Numbers

M - 1176


Hot Runners for Small Dimensional and Balance Tol.

Product Details

Yuma system, with a unique design concept, offers the ideal solution for producing components, which have to be produced to small dimensional and balance tolerances, typical products include fan blades, blower fans, gears, and pump blades etc.

Typical applications:
- Fan
- Small gear
- Blower
- Ring (Acetal, 3 gate)

- Only order made
- Yudo has many satisfied customers applying a variety of field proven designs.
- Only valve gate systems available.
- Minimum gate pitch circle diameter is 10 mm for 3 gates.

- A single high performance heater and single valve pin control cylinder offers a perfect filling balance of the multi gates.
- Eliminates the possibility of over packing at one gate and under packing at another gate.
- Reduces mold height and operation stroke, and the unique design offers the ideal solution for multi cavity molds to produce balanced components with close tolerances dimensional requirements.

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