For Sale - M - 1177 - Hot Runner for Glass Talc Reinforced Parts


Reference Numbers

M - 1177


Hot Runner for Glass Talc Reinforced Parts

Product Details

- Yuen system is designed for producing engineering components in engineering plastics with either glass fiber, carbon fiber and talc reinforcement etc.
- Main applications are multi cavity engineering components.

Typical applications
- Socket
- Toothbrush
- Mobile phone
- Floppy disk cover and cap.

- 4 different flow channel diameters.
- Open & valve gate systems.
- Only standard nozzle lengths available.
- Main applications for high temperature and reinforced materials. [PPS, PEEK, PA+GF, PET+GF etc.]

- Yuen nozzles are made from hardened steel with core heat transfer technology applied.
- Long operating life with glass filled materials.
- Yuen system offers a minimum gate pitch by using a specially made 15 mm coil heater, which produces a heating element of 15 mm gate pitch. Each nozzle has independent temperature control.
- Minimizes the pressure drop in the nozzle and eliminates material drool after each shot.

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