For Sale - M - 1195 - Custom Forged Copper Alloys for Moulds


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M - 1195


Custom Forged Copper Alloys for Moulds

Product Details

We offer forged copper, beryllium copper and aluminum bronze products to customer specifications.
- Lengths up to 80"
- Widths up to 40"
- Thickness up to 12" - 15"

Our services include recommendation of alloys, properties and design for tooling applications, concurrent design, fabrication, heat treating to meet various temper and grain size requirements, near net shape processing, rough or finish machining, testing and technical certifications.

BeCu(i)mould copper mold materials
- forged high strength copper, beryllium copper and aluminum bronze
- include the industry's largest blocks
- up to 4,000 lbs.
- and the broadest range of shapes, sizes and custom designs. These high performance plastic mold tooling materials are also available in plate, bar, rounds, disks, rings with short lead times of 2 days - 3 weeks.

Features of BeCu(i)mould copper tooling
- Unmatched range of possible shapes, sizes and designs. Perfect for non-traditional dimensions.
- Forged, not cast, copper mold materials result in significant difference in product performance.
- Three dimensional ultrasonic inspection of all products ensures that there are no cracks or inclusions in the material.
- Key to bringing down production costs.

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