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M - 1214


Hot Runner Injection System

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EMP is a leading company in the manufacturing of hot runner injection system for thermoplastic material moulding, plans and manufactures a wide range of nozzles, manifolds and electric heaters. It also commercializes temperature controllers and series injection controllers ones. Established in 1977 by engineers who had developed year of relevant experience in the injection moulding of plastic components for household appliances, Dydac has successfully worked in the most different fields as automotive, motorbikes and large household appliances, extractor fans, furnishing, packaging, bottles watches, electrical components, material and technical items. The staff high qualification and the continuous data processing renovation of every field of the business allow to quickly work out the best and most reliable solution to any technical query. The design is performed in strict co-operation with the mould maker, starting from the handicraft structure analysis and form the kind of thermoplastic material to be used.

Our technical office is equipped with CAD 2D and 3D software and can carry out different typologies of flow analysis, thus allowing to determine.
- Perfect balancing of the runners
- Restrained dimensions to avoid energy losses as well as excessive encumbrance inside moulds
- Ideal drop layout, to guarantee the vest filling possible, as well as the optimal connection among the runners
- Injection and cooling times
- Clamping force needed for component injection.

The wide range of standard products already covers many of the application possible in the field. It is nevertheless enriched by a number of tailorized applications, which are designed and carried out according to the customer's peculiar needs.

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